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MDF Paint - Crackle Medium

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Imagination Crackle Paint is a water based Crackle Medium used to give the appearance of a distressed aged paint surface.  To use the Crackle, first apply a layer of MDF paint onto a clean dust free surface, allow the paint to dry and then apply Crackle Medium over the paint with a brush.  Allow the Crackle to dry and then apply another coat of paint over the medium and as the paint dries the cracks will appear.  If you apply a thin layer of Crackle Medium the cracks will be very fine if you apply a thicker layer the cracks will be thicker.  You can also use Imagination Crackle Medium straight onto Imagination Patterned card.  Apply with a brush, allow to dry and then apply a layer of paint over the crackle and when the medium cracks you will see the colour and pattern of the card showing through.  Clean up with water.